Friday, 18 January 2019

In My Garden - Dianthus

It has been hot and humid the last couple of weeks, which is part and parcel of summer in the sub-tropics. More rain would be most welcome, though we still have water in the dam.  Today I would like to share some flower photos. 

Dianthus or Pinks as they are commonly known do well in many parts of Australia. 
I used the think these flowers were known as Pinks due to their colour however I now understand that it is due to the zig-zagged edge of the petals, which look like they have been trimmed with pinking shears.

Dianthus vary in hardiness. I find I have more success with the Sweet Williams than I have done with Carnations. Regular pruning of spent flowers promotes better plant growth and of improves the general appearance of the plant. Fertilise periodically during the flowering season. 

A light annual dressing of dolomite lime can be beneficial. They can be cut back to about half around autumn. I find the Dianthus Jolt variety deal with heat and dryness better than many other flower plants. 

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  1. They do look pretty, Sherri. I don't think I have any growing at the moment. I might pick some up when the council gives away 2 plants with our rate notice.