Friday, 4 January 2019

In My Garden - 4th January 2019

"This day has a feeling in my picture of warmth and light breezes and sunshine and afternoons that stretch to eternity....." Angela Thirkwell

Summer holidays here for the most part have been a picture of "warmth and light breezes and sunshine." My afternoons have not been stretching to eternity however, as both my afternoons and evenings seem to speed by.  The following is what I have managed to do in the garden the past week.

On Saturday I applied fertiliser to the citrus trees. In the orchard we have a very productive small lemon tree and a mandarin that fruits well every second year. In pots I have another mandarin, another lemon, and a cumquat tree. I also did some watering. I cut my gardening time short as Don and I went for a drive that morning.

Monday saw me weeding the 'onion' bed. This bed is planted with chives and spring onions. I watered the lemon and mandarin trees in the orchard and hand watered some other plants. I also watered the veggie patch, which is mostly resting for the summer but does have some marigold plants growing, and the rhubarb have resurrected themselves. I also applied sulphate of potash to one of my ornamental gardens and watered it in. As I worked on the ornamental garden I watch the Dollarbirds flying around hunting insects. I find them pretty.

New Years Morning was warm and still. I began work in the garden around 6.30 in the morning with some weeding and was chased off after awhile by the mozzies and midges. Some more of the dianthus (Pinks) were dead headed. I applied some Penetrade (soil wetting agent) to one of the trees in the orchard as I am a bit concerned that the soil around the tree may be hydrophobic.  This tree has never borne fruit but it is a favourite of mine because of the leaf colour and at the moment the tree is not thriving as it should. I also helped Don put up our 'butterfly' gazebo which he had taken down when T.C. Owen was predicted to come down the Queensland Coast.

Wednesday morning, just as I was about to go out into the garden I got an idea for an article for my church's weekly email. So I delayed going out into the garden while I quickly wrote 'Tending Your Victory Garden'. Once I wrote out the ideas that had come to mind I left the article for later editing and went and started my actual garden chores. I didn't manage to do a whole lot in the garden this morning as it became too hot early on. I did manage some more weeding. and I skirted the lemon tree. I watered some of the trees in the orchard and the marigolds and rhubarb growing in the veggie garden. I also watered some of the ornamental plants.

Thursday I turned some of the compost. As I was turning the compost I added blood and bone and molasses water to the pile. I also used some of the broken down compost by adding it to a new vegetable garden bed that we have been preparing. I also added some blood and bone to this bed and watered it in well.

I still have lots of Dianthus to dead head. 
Last year I transplanted a several large Agave pups to a curved garden area adjacent to a section of our driveway. I had the soaker hose watering there on Thursday and it seems that the soil in that area is quite water impenetrable. So today I applied some Penetrade and watered again. Hopefully that will help the soil soak up the water, because the Agave are looking a bit haggard.

During the week we have also been enjoying watching the King Parrots feed off the seeds produced by the many Swamp Grasstree Plants we have. These are all volunteer plants.


  1. The King Parrots have been enjoying my cherry tomatoes too! I try and beat them to it. Your days sound productive, yet also very cathartic. It's nice to have those kinds of moments. Happy new year. :)

  2. Happy New Year to you too Chris. I hope it is a wonderful year for you.