Tuesday, 8 January 2019

19 For 2019

In the women's workshop I ran toward the end of last year I included an activity called My List of 19 For 2019.

This wasn't a list of New Year's resolutions. Rather it was about creating a list of things that were comforting or fun. A list of things that replenish, revive and restore. Some of the things on my list were:
  • Sit by the river to relax and read a good book.
  • Go to the movies
  • Country drives
So far I have only 13 things on my list. So I have another 6 things to think up. This morning I thought of two new things and by the time I got to adding them to my list I could only remember one! I think we are all a bit like this at times. Good ideas come to us but if we don't record these ideas somewhere they will drift away. 

Why not try coming up with your own list of 19 For 2019?


  1. Sherri, as I get older I have such a problem remembering what happened five minutes ago so it is really necessary to write down anything important that pops into my mind. So far I haven't made any lists this year. The trouble is that I lose them. LOL!

  2. In had an interesting coincidence in the past week I found my list of goals and things I wanted to do from 2013 in an old notebook and my list from 2002 in an old letter I wrote to Don. I found it quite fascinating to 'time travel' back to revisit my priorities and hopes for those years.

  3. This sounds like a great idea, Sherri. I'm going to try this, as so much of my life has shifted around what would normally comfort me. Time to reflect differently. :)

  4. Thanks Chris. I find that unless I am intentional about doing things that are simply for enjoyment I let activities that bring me comfort, nourishment or a sense of play be squeezed out of my life in favour of getting things done. The ordinary things I need to get done like housework and gardening bring me a great deal of satisfaction and joy, nevertheless I think it is important for me not to forget there are additional activities that are the icing on my cake.

    I hope you have fun creating your list of 19 for 2019.