Friday, 28 December 2018

In My Garden - 28/12/18

On Monday I weeded around the base of the Lychee tree and applied fertiliser. The fruit has been eaten by the King Parrots. The Lychee fruits at the same time as our Apple Trees and we did not have enough netting to fully net all three trees. We did partially net the lychee tree but of course the King Parrots easily worked around that obstacle.

Monday morning was lovely, and as I worked in the garden I thought the weather was more like Spring than Summer. I managed to pot up a couple of portulaca seedlings and re-pot two cordyline's that I grew from cuttings taken earlier in the year.

I also started tidying up my gardening shed. It has been very messy of late.

On Wednesday morning I trimmed one of the Durantas that had become very leggy. I weeded a small area of one of the ornamental gardens, and watered some of the trees in the orchard. I sowed some seed into punnets. The seeds were Lobelia, Marigold, Cosmos, Phlox and Candytuft.

This morning was  another lovely morning to be up early and into the garden. While I listened to ducks whistling while they flew overhead, I watered some plants and carried out some more weeding in one of the ornamental garden beds. I also raked up some fallen bark from the Angophora Costata that sheds into and around my main ornamental garden. It is also known as the Smooth Barked Apple and is sometimes also called Rose gum and Rusty gum. It sheds its bark at this time of year and the bark underneath is a pinkish-salmon colour. Quite pretty from a distance but ever so messy. This photo shows an Angophora Costata on the left, though the bark is a much more of a salmon colour than this shown in this photo.

I also took some photos of the garden this morning but have yet to load them from the camera. Perhaps they will be ready for a future post. 😊


  1. Sherri I can certainly relate to your problem with the parrots eating the fruit off the trees! In my case, it’s the possums...a constant battle. They also take bites out of the pumpkins, tomatoes and zucchinis...and parsley. Your garden looks lovely.

  2. Oh Maria, I think it was the possums that got most of our mangoes! Whatever has been eating the mangoes are managing to eat the whole fruit on most occasions which is almost a comfort - at least the fruit is not going to waste. It really annoys me when whatever has been eating my produce is only taking a bit or two out of each.

  3. Sherri, I am about to head out to do some weeding as it is lovely and cool in the mornings. It looks like we might avoid the heatwave NSW is experiencing which suits me fine :-) Your garden looks great.

  4. Thanks Chel, that is not a recent photo of the garden though and I should get out and take an updated photo from the same angle. Sigh - I wish I liked taking photos.

    I too am so grateful for the cooler mornings. It makes life so much more pleasurable.

  5. Super hot here today so am staying indoors. Possums are our food thieves at our place - I feel very conflicted about it actually.

    1. Yep, indoors and out of the sun is best during super hot weather. Our weather today was only hot - not super hot but when I came home around Midday Don had been mowing and weedtrimming and was pretty done in by it. He has recovered now, but he thinks he may have got a 'touch of the sun' this morning.

      I was watching a Gardening Australia program yesterday and Tino was talking about methods for discouraging possums. He spoke about several methods. I wasn't watching too closely as I was also reading at the time but I think I saw him hang moth ball cages in a tree as a deterrent, which I think I will try as it is a quick method.

  6. The pictures say it all. So pretty up your way. It's lovely to see so much green. We finally received a few showers today. Not much, but still the ground is soaking it all in. :)