Monday, 20 November 2017

Lettuce Explosion

I have had an explosion of lettuce germination taking place in my garden over the last few weeks. It began when these lettuce and those planted in the next bed grew and then went to seed.

This is a picture of the same garden bed. I have moved about a dozen seedlings and re-planted them in other gardens

Shown below are some of the transplanted lettuce. Yes there are some weeds in the garden too.

At some point I realised that I enough lettuce and cut the seed heads and experimented with dropping the seed heads in different garden beds.

I dropped a red lettuce seed head in the garden shown below. 

I also dropped some green lettuce seed heads in bare patches in my main ornamental garden. There have be lots of seed sprout.

It was an interesting experiment. Next time I try this I will break up the seed heads more so that I don't have so many lettuce seedlings come up in the same spot.


  1. That is so good to know. Great little experiment in which we have all gained some knowledge from. Enjoy your lettuce.

  2. I had a large watersaver garden full of beautiful lettuce then the heatwave and the rain arrived and they all went to seed :-( That's a good idea you have, Sherri. That tip will come in handy.

  3. I've got my lettuce in seed at the moment, I just let it fall and blow where it will, and if it's somewhere I don't want it to be I just pull it out and compost it or transplant it, hardy little stuff isn't it.

  4. Lots of lettuce springing up here too, Sherri. Great when it self seeds and there's lots of free lettuce leaves for salads. Meg:)