Friday, 1 September 2017

Welcome to My New Blog!

"Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven. Know then that this world exists for you." ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Memory's Ship is a follow on from my earlier blog Making Haven. In Memory's Ship I continue to record my journey toward living deliberately and creating a self-supporting home. 

My life is polycentric: I work outside of home to earn an income; I work at home towards creating a self-supporting home; like many people I attend to my spiritual life; and I want to build closer connections with this rural community in which I have chosen to live. A bibliophile, I am often reading up to four books at a time. 

Like most people my life is busy. So if you are interested in reading a homesteading blog where the homesteaders carve out their farmlet in 24 months or less, this is not the blog for you. :-) If however you are interested in a slow and steady journey toward creating a self-supporting home then please follow along. Please share any tips and pointers you feel will help myself and my readers. As a blogger I know how much we encourage and support one another in advice, goodwill and positive thoughts.

I hope Memory's Ship will become a celebration of home productivity, an account of creating home as a cocooning retreat of liberation, comfort and satisfaction.

Liberation? Yes. Living debt free and creating a self-supporting home, this for me is liberty. To do this I will be guided by the thriftiness of past times. Memory's Ship is where I will; pass on simple truths I have re-discovered from past times and honour domestic traditions. 

 "A home based on the right principles will be simple. There will be simplicity of living, honesty in expression of what is offered in the home. No ostentation or living beyond one's means; simplicity in entertainment in offering freely of what one has to friends, without apology or explanation; simple furnishings, simple healthful food, simple, artistic clothing, all help to simplify life and give the home makers more time for family joys…"  Shelter and Clothing ~ Helen Kinne and Anna  M. Cooley


  1. What a lovely new blog you have created, Sherri. I look forward to reading here! Meg:)

  2. Looking forward to further reading Sherri. By the way I love that bowl on the book shelf.

    1. I love that bowl too!It was an impulse buy over a decade ago that I have never regretted. I think it is made of a clear resin and has beautiful purple petals and sprigs of lavender set into the resin.

  3. Well you are off and running with your new blog, Sherri. Like Kylie I look forward to further reading.

  4. Hello!!!!!

    My last comment, over on your old blog...... About Enough.... :-) I see here, that it was superfluous. But at least, I said, I agree.

    Best of everything with your new life!!!

    Luna Crone

  5. Well I am behind the times! That will teach me to neglect regular visits to the blogs I read. This looks and sounds like a lovely space you have created here Sherri and I am going to spend some time catching up with all you have been up to.

    Sorry for being so neglectful, I am hoping, or more like I am determined to be a better blogger and get back to the basics like I used to. Facebook and Instagram are unwanted distractions from the blogging world I so enjoy, so they are getting put on the back burner instead of my blog :-)


  6. Tania I thought I had lost your comment when I hit publish, but here it is. Silly me! It will be a cinch to catch up with my 2018 posts Tania, as I don't think I posted anything before December. I did start writing posts during the year but didn't get round to finishing them. I too hope to be a more regular blogger during 2019.