What Price Have You Set On Yourself?

"People can set their own price on 'emselves, I've noticed; and if they keep it set, folks'll come up to it."~Aunt Jane of Kentucky, by Eliza Calvert HallWhat price do you set on yourself? Or have you not set one at all? Do you let other people set their price on you?The above quote comes from an old book "Aunt Jane of Kentucky". The story Aunt Jane was relating was about a woman in the mid-1800's who had a child out of wedlock at a young age. This young, unmarried mother was described by the local Parson as a woman of dignity. And Aunt Jane said the above regarding the woman and her situation. How many of us set our price too low?In our day to day interactions are we short-changing ourselves because we think we fall short of other people'sstandards? The unmarried mother in the story did not hide or cringe because of her circumstances, nor did she act proud or haughty in order to overcompensate for not living up to the standards of the time.Some…

On the Home Front - 15th August 2020

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these. Strange days indeed." ~ John Lennon.I find that the above lyric runs through my head quite often these days. 😒In GeneralWe went to Bundy early in the week as Don had a review appointment with surgeon consultant or consultant surgeon or whatever they are called. There have been changes at the hospital since we were there in March. We were met just outside the corridor leading to the consulting rooms' waiting area. Our temperatures were taken and I was advised I could not go into the waiting room but could sit out in the entry area hallway. 
While I was waiting out in the hallway a lady sat down in a nearby chair and started chatting. She told me about her 57 year old daughter who lives on Thursday Island and works as a nurse/midwife. She herself lives on an acre out of town and she and her neighbours provide support for each other. This woman told me that she and her husband live apart for about 8 months of the year, as her …

Coping with Iso

No, no, no, I have not caught anything. However all the talk about enforced isolation, quarantine periods and lockdown periods has me recalling a time in my not too distant past when I was coping with Iso. It was back when I was having both aggressive Chemotherapy and MabThera (Rituximab Biologic Therapy).  My medical specialists would not allow me to return to work. I did not return to work for over 12 months. When I was allowed to return to work it was only for one day a week for the first few weeks and then for 2 days a week and so on until I returned to work full time. During the period I was receiving treatment I was told not to go to shopping centres, or movie theaters, or any place where people congregate. I kept in contact with friends and family by phone so that I would reduce the risk of infection.  My immune system would not cope with any infection. Infection could quickly become life threatening. So I had to isolate from others to ensure that I lived to see another day. I…

On the Home Front - 9th August 2020

In GeneralThe Queensland border is now closed to New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
We have had 30mm of rain since yesterday afternoon. We have had some run off into the dam, for which I am very grateful. The sun has now returned so I guess the rain has now moved off the coast. 

I had my hairdressing appointment this week.  I enjoy having my hair coloured but I wanted to feel more authentic and not feel like I was hiding my silver or grey. So, at the beginning of this year I changed to having blended foils rather than the base colour and some highlight foils. As I no longer have a base colour just foils the silver and grey is showing through progressively more and more as the base colour grows out. My hairdresser is a very good colourist as well as stylist and has added some of my base colour as one of my foil colours so that the growing out of the colour is not obvious.
Earlier this week Don dropped his prescription off at the chemist (drug store) to have it filled. W…

Attitudes Are More Important Than Facts

The title of this post is actually a quote from Dr Karl Menninger.
We face facts every day. 
The increasing numbers of people infected with covid-19. Restrictions that we haven't experienced before in our lifetimes. Financial insecurity. Civil unrest. Natural disasters.
Facts change every day.
Facts may or may not have an actual effect on our lives. But sometimes we fear they might.
How we let these facts take root in our inner selves is important. Do these facts continually cause us concern and anxiety? 
What is the worst thing you have faced in your past? Chances are it is now behind you and does not affect your attitude now. Chances are that the difficulties you faced and overcame in your past have now faded to nothingness, only to be recalled when you hear of someone who is currently going through a similar experience. We even come through some horrible experiences changed for the better or with the understanding that our circumstances have changed for the better. 
Yes we are facing fear…

Clearing the Clutter

Do you ever experience problems motivating yourself ? I know I do. 
What if instead of focusing on trying to motivate myself, I focused on trying to make something easier to do?
For example I wanted to try and establish a new routine of tidying my home before I go to bed. Clear all the clutter. Inner me goes, hey there are other things you want to do now, like reading or doing craft in front of TV, do it later before you go to bed. When it comes to later, I am too tired and want to go straight to bed, and the clutter remains to the next day. 
So  there are de-motivators waiting to side track me from clearing the clutter of an evening. In this case the de-motivators are things that I want to do a whole lot more than clearing the clutter. Reading and craft are not less important than clearing the clutter. There are real benefits to be gained by both activities. So I don't want to shunt these activities. 
Recently I set an alarm to go off at 7:30 of an evening. This alarm reminds me to g…

On the Home Front - 1st August 2020

In General Queensland is now braced for possible community transmission of Covid19 after two young women traveled back from interstate providing fake information to the authorities, and thus avoiding the two week quarantine. One worked as a cleaner of a school. The school was subsequently locked down. No doubt we are going to hear more of this over the coming days.

My working week passed quickly and my job continues to provide an interesting contrast to my life at home. I am grateful I have such an interesting and challenging job and that I also have many interesting activities on the go at home.

We went to one of the larger regional towns during the week to do some shopping and errands.  I went to Lincraft and bought some wool and a knitting book. At Lifeline I purchased a copy of Robert H Schuller's book " Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!" I thought that it might do me good to read this book, particularly at this point in time,  and it only cost $2.

In the …