Wednesday, 20 September 2017


....laughter is the most hydrating gift of life. 

~ Anne Lamott

Monday, 18 September 2017

Garage Sale Bargains.

Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need, and will often accomplish that which, their opposites, with a fortune at hand, will fail to do. ~ Clara Barton

Don and I have been discussing for some time the need to have extra storage in the garage. Included in our wish list was a melamine pantry cupboard to store household supplies that we buy on special. 

A well-organised pantry helps speed up meal preparation.

On the weekend Don called in at a local garage sale and bought two melamine pantry cupboards for $20 each. In one of these pantry cupboards I will be able to store extra supplies of items such as shampoo, toilet paper and soap. I think the best thing about this bargain though is not needing to assemble any flat packs!

Don also bought two as new crab pots, two large plant pots and a large cast iron camp oven. 

My quote for today's post comes from Clara Barton who was a nurse during the American civil war. She founded the American Red Cross. 

Sunday, 17 September 2017

This Gracious Act of Giving

"So we have urged Titus, who encouraged your giving in the first place, to return to you and encourage you to finish this ministry of giving. Since you excel in so many ways - in your faith, your gifted speakers, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your love from us - I want you to excel also in this gracious act of giving." 2 Cor 8:6-7 NLT

I had decided when I moved to the country I wanted to start (or resume after decades of not) attending church. 

I had gotten along very well spiritually over the years thanks to many wonderful authors and websites. However there are certain acts of faith that are difficult to perform as an isolated Christian. One is that of giving financially to the cause of Christ and the outworking of his Kingdom. Being able to give in faith in God's abundance is much easier for me when I am associated with a physical congregation.

What I mean by giving in faith in God's abundance is, I acknowledge that God is the giver of every good gift and every perfect present - the source of all my material good. 

So in acknowledgement of God's universal law of sowing and reaping, (Gal 6:7) I bless what I give and see it in my minds eye joining with the other gifts to God and going on to work its good in our congregation, parish and beyond.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Here is a photo of Banjo, following his recent trip to the Vets

His cone is bigger than Moxie's. We thought he would be resistant to wearing it. But he has been very well behaved. Like Moxie, the hardest part for Banjo is the need to be quiet and not run and muck about, so that his wound has time to heal. 

The same day I took this photo (Tuesday) I was watering the garden and went to move the sprinkler and discovered.....

A large branch had fallen on top of the sprinkler and the plant I was watering. The plant a small Brunfelsia survived because it was surrounded by a cage to keep the dogs away. Brunsfelsia is reportedly very poisonous. 

This photo is a close up of the cage with the Brunsfelsia inside. I am glad I wasn't standing there when the branch dropped. 

And the photo below is the tree from which the branch fell. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A Portion of the World's Lost Heart

And, at the moment, in a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart. ~ Louise Bogan

What is the world's lost heart? This was my first thought when reading this quote. If I as a woman can give back to the world a portion of its lost heart, then surely as a starting point I need to know what it is that defines the world's heart. 

Heavy heart
Heart of gold
Hard hearted
Big hearted

Figuratively the heart is the centre of emotion. It is seen as the wellspring of sympathy, feeling and affection. The heart is also recognised figuratively as the seat of spirit, intuition, courage, joy, and enthusiasm. Is the world's heart then the collective ethos of sympathy, courage, joy and enthusiasm guided by Spirit and intuition? 

As my mind turned over the idea of the world's lost heart, my thoughts wandered on to what I remembered of the HeartMath Institute. The role this organisation has chosen is that of activating the heart of humanity. 

Activating, awakening, re-connecting. back. A portion of the world's lost heart. Yet we cannot give what we do not have, so the work must begin within us. 

Louise Bogan was a poet and in this often repeated quote she was speaking to other poets. However I think many women in many fields - and I am not referring necessarily to what we do to earn an income - could find her own particular way of giving back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Jonah Day

"It really began the night before with a restless, wakeful vigil of grumbling toothache. When Anne arose in the dull, bitter winter morning she felt that life was flat, stale, and unprofitable.

She went to school in no angelic mood. Her cheek was swollen and her face ached. The schoolroom was cold and smoky, for the fire refused to burn and the children were huddled about it in shivering groups. Anne sent them to their seats with a sharper tone than she had ever used before." L M Montgomery

So began the chapter entitled   "A Jonah Day" from the much loved book Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

The view across the road from the Vet. 

Well I had my own Jonah Day  yesterday. It started off fine. However when I started the car to drive Banjo to the vet (it was a Jonah Day for him too) I realised we were already late for the appointment - with a 20 minute drive still in front of us.  What had happened? I said to my husband as we drove off that the large clock in the lounge room must be in need of a battery change. 

Thankfully the Vet was not fazed by Banjo being half an hour late and we were still able to drop him off for his procedure.

Back home though, I forgot to check whether the clock in the lounge was keeping the right time. It was 11 o'clock before I realised that the clock was an hour and a half behind.  I had lost most of my morning! 

Then when I went to organise that night's dinner. On my menu plan was an easy crockpot recipe, Salisbury Steak. First problem I didn't have enough Soup and Sauce mix left for the recipe. While making another batch of Soup and Sauce mix I accidentally added self-raising flour instead of corn flour. So I had to throw that batch out. Then I discovered I had icing sugar in two canisters. So while I was putting both lots together into one canister I managed to spill icing sugar everywhere. The morning continued like that one small misadventure after the other. By the time I had dinner cooking I was trying to decide whether to press on with the other things I was going to do that day or whether I should just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head!

Well as Marilla told Anne in the story "You take things too much to heart, Anne. We all make mistakes. . .but people forget them. And Jonah days come to everybody." 

I think my real problem yesterday that I had lost time because of the slow clock in the lounge room. As a result I felt uptight regarding all the things I wanted to get done before going to pick Banjo up from the Vet. I was rushing and doing too many things at once. As a result my outer world began to reflect my inner world of chaos. The state of my kitchen was a perfect out-picturing of the state of my mind. 

This is the view taken down beside  the Vet surgery.

So I decided to keep plugging away, but slow down. To try and be mindful - in the sense of being completely present in the task I was doing.  I also decided that some of the things I had scheduled would easily hold over to another day.  The only real pressure on me to do those tasks yesterday was my own.  Once again I had to re-learn the need to release control. 

"Well, never mind. This day's done and there's a new one coming tomorrow, with no mistakes in it yet, as you used to say yourself."

Monday, 11 September 2017

A country drive to Goomeri

Last week Don and I went for a drive in the country. Perhaps you like to go for country drives too?  

An Art Deco Hotel

We decided to visit Goomeri, we have not been out that way for a number of years. 

We stopped at this bakery for lunch.

There was plenty of seating inside but we decided to sit outside in the courtyard.

We were the only ones sitting outside at first, but just after this photo was taken the courtyard started to fill with other diners. 

We used to like making a day trip to Goomeri because there were five or six antique shops there. Bus tours used to visit the town on account of the antique stores. There is only one antique store there now. 

Goomeri is located at the intersection of the Wide Bay and Burnett Highways. It is probably best known for its annual pumpkin festival which includes the pumpkin roll competition.